Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ornaments of life

she stopped by to drop something off.
'can't stay, gotta run'
'okay will walk you out as we talk...'
got to the car and she turned to me -
'wanna come with me?'

i ran to get my shoes.

it's hard to find time to catch up.
so we grabbed the drive down to her daughter's school
and the time sitting in the parking lot as our catch up time.

and as it turned out, her daughter took awhile so we could really catch up.
sitting in the car in the dark we shared the stuff of our lives.
i love how we do that.

hopping in the car, her daughter announced she didn't have a lotta time til the next thing
on the schedule. i grinned. i can't imagine all she keeps up with.

she's my god-daughter.
and i just adore her.

i needed filling in on her life.
and her boyfriend.
and i didn't have much time.
so i got right down to the questions.

she's one of those girls we'd all like to have for our daughter.
she's got it all, she's beautiful, talented, friendly, well rounded,
gets good grades and is confident in who she is.

so i prefaced the question with that kinda thought.....
she's beautiful, but it's her confidence that adds to that beauty and makes
her stunning, i told her as a matter of fact. she had so much going for her
and did so many things.

so how does a girl who's got all that going for her feel about her boyfriend?
is he the center if the world?

after announcing how much she loves life, she explained that he can't be.
there's too much going on. she needs to balance it to do everything she wants to do.

and how if it was like a christmas tree, her family would be the star at the top.
'he's an ornament' she said.
and then she thought about that and said 'well, maybe he's the lights.'

and we agreed that'd work well as he ran thru all kindsa things in her life
and lit them up and was important....but he wasn't the whole darn tree.

the tree was life itself.

how cool is that??
you gotta love this girl.

i turned to my friend who was driving.
what's one of your favorite ornaments? i asked her.

we talked about that and how many really amazing ornaments there are.

my god-daughter even threw in descriptions like 'that's a glass one at the top.'

oh yeah.
she's my kinda girl.

and she's given me some really great food for thought.
i'll be thinking about all the different ornaments in my life now........
and i'll be decorating that tree of life in my mind.

wanna join me?
she may have started something here!


Sherry said...

ooo I love it!!

Dan McGaffin said...

You know what Terri, I think that's how Suzanne looks at life too. Excellent food for thought.

Anonymous said...

this alone might make me want a holiday tree...