Thursday, January 24, 2013

a red light meet up!

i was running provisions down to him.
he got hit with the flu and needed a few things.
as i pulled up to the red light, i saw the bone sigh bumper magnet
on the car in the next lane.

i grinned.
it was my buddy.

i pulled up next to her, made faces, waved...
couldn't get her attention. finally i honked.

she looked up, we rolled down our windows
and proceeded to have about as quick a chat as you can have.

the funny thing what i'd say was no more than a
minute and a half, we managed to connect at a heart level
and we were talking about her emotions.

thru the windows of our cars at a red light.

how DO women do that?!

honest to pete, it's one of the coolest things i've ever experienced.

we've got that closeness that can do that.

if i'm having a rough time but am holding it  together,
and then someone i have that connection with comes thru somehow and
asks how i'm's over. walls are down. i'm crying. bam!
the moment they show up or the moment i see their name on
the caller id or in my email box. bam. tears.

this musta been the spot she was in.
walls were down and there we were.

we had to pull off with a promise to call later.....

and i pulled off shaking my head at what just happened.

i love that kinda thing.
and i needed that right then.
just to feel that connected with someone.

what a treasure.

what amazing creatures.

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