Monday, January 28, 2013

an odd call and a book suggestion...

it was one of the stranger phone calls that come thru here.
he called to check in.
but then had something come up.
then called back.
but had to go quickly again.
in between, he gave me a book suggestion.

we never really got anywhere in the conversation besides
the book suggestion.

not the first time we wanted to mention a book to each other.
but......interestingly enough, the first time i went right
over to amazon to check it out.

usually i'm doin' something, or figure sooner or later i'll check....
but for  some reason, this was immediate.

and i'm budgeting.
don't have room in the budget for a new book.
so why am i looking?

checked it out.
okay. think i gotta read this.
looks like i GOT TO.
the kindle version was cheaper.
so, even tho i hate reading stuff on the kindle,
i figured that was the thing to do.

talk about immediate.
in less than half an hour after the phone call, 
i was reading this book.

turns out i loved this book so much i had to hold it in my hands.
i HAD to.
there was underlining to do,
and i'd be referencing this a lot.
i knew it.
remember the budgeting?
off i went to buy a new hardcover copy.

i didn't care (well, a little bit...but i knew it mattered)
and i grabbed a copy and went home with it.

started underlining and doin' the dog ear thing.

joked that i'd be tying this book to my belt loop and never letting
it leave my side.....

the book?

'dying to be me' by anita moorjani.
(which, yes! i have added to the widget next to this post
if you get crazy and want to get it!! i've updated the widget!)

why the reaction?
because i've reached a point where i just want to be totally who
i am. i don't want to hide. i want to live who i am. fearlessly.

and the way she tells her story, what happens to her (near death
experinece) and what she has to offer clicks exactly right for where
i am right now. including the word 'fearlessly' which she used more
than once.

i'll be writing blogs with bits and pieces of what she says, for sure.

but this post?
this was about the magic of finding it.
of a weird call, of following up on it, and of opening up to what was
in front of me.

that's the first part of this whole thing i want to acknowledge.

the magic is all around.
and this time, i managed to stumble right on into it.
changed my whole darn weekend....
maybe my whole darn life...

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