Wednesday, January 9, 2013

some good stuff on hobbies

i read this last nite, from my man mark nepo! and thought the new year timing
was perfect! you know how making room for the things we love, those hobbies
we enjoy usually surfaces on new year's lists? or at least mine!~

well here, from 'the exquisite risk' he talks about those hobbies in a way i
had never thought of before.......and he reminds us how we can really use them
in times of struggle.

'What we tend to call hobbies are usually points of ordinary existence that we surrender
our complete attention to, often by accident. And in so doing, we open our Spirit's
Thread to the miracle of what is. In truth, most hobbies are sacred exercises in
undivided attention through which we truly know the world.....

When we can honor this inner truth, we sing the very air into being and hobbies
become thresholds and chores become adventures and everything regains its
capacity to surprise us. Then the world ceases to be divided into vocation and vacation
or livelihood and hobby. Then the friction of living is made bearable, softened
by wonder when we wake, and eased by peace when we sleep.....

If you find yourself struggling, depressed, confused, or simply bored, give yourself
completely to whatever is before you. See it for the first time. Let it speak to you.
It will not erase your struggle ore remove you from your life, but chances are
you'll be refreshed and the size of your problems will shrink more closely
to what they actually are.'

sometimes when i'm really off center, i'll go take a break and do art.
after reading this, i'm thinking i need to do that a whole lot more! i loved this
and wanted to share......

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Anonymous said...

wow. thanks for this, today.

perhaps i can share one more thought... the word struggle he used is something i am trying to redefine for myself as my dear therapist puts it, "trust your struggle"

i think it connects closely to when i don't think my art... i just let it flow in and out of myself. and that is when it feels the deepest and most real.
blessings, coral