Thursday, February 14, 2013

a day of love!

valentine's day has arrived!

i've been celebrating it for weeks now!
but it's official! it's here!

and i've been sayin' for weeks now it's not about romance...
it's about LOVE...

and that's a big difference.
and can change the whole day around!

and i totally believe it starts with self love!

i made a valentine e-card for the bone sigh arts mailing list.

it has this quote -

'where there is love
 there is valuing.

i thought that was a good quote for today.
because it includes valuing ourselves.
along with each other.

there's a whole lotta things that happen as we go along in life
that whisper to us we have no value.

i understand that.
i really do.

but i think it's up to us to shout back to that whisper -
'oh no. you're wrong! i am worthy and valuable and i matter!'

honestly, it's our choice what we hold about ourselves.
and it seems like valentine's day is a great day to hold our worth.

and to celebrate our capacity to love.

something that floors me over and over and over again....
watching people who have come from great pain, or who are in great pain,
still reach out in love.

over and over i see that and am amazed.

our incredible capacity to love...
our worth...
our value...
those around us that we care about...

there's so much to celebrate today!
don't let it pass you by!
celebrate the love!

happy valentine's day!

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Diane Stefan said...

I am celebrating love. . .spreading it with smiles wherever I can today and this year, this Valentines Day, no matter what, I love me, I value me and that, my friend, is in part thanks to you and your wise words and feeling that way about myself seems to tumble out to help me feel better towards others, no matter what. . . Thank you and Happy Valentines Day!!