Friday, March 22, 2013

wrapping light

wanted to kinda shoot out the sue request as the weekend hits here.

i talked with her on the phone, and she's having a hard time.
of course.
i can't even imagine going thru all she's going thru.

and she so desperately wants to just get out of her little area of the
hospital and get some fresh air.

not yet.
not for awhile yet.

i listen to all the things that happen to her and around her and think
how it'd have to drag you down on the best of days. and here she
is just hangin' on, tryin' to cope with all that.

i thought of her this morning as i got up wondering what life was all about
and wondering where that mood came from. i tried to imagine all the
moods that would just land on her.

i hope to see her again this weekend.

i don't want us to forget to visualize the stars, or to stop praying,
or to slow down on sending light.......

i have been thinking and thinking ever since i talked to her how lucky i am
that i can just go outside and breathe in all the air i want.

something so simple you don't even think about.....

and i have been thinking how vulnerable and tired she sounds.

how hard.
and to be in that room all alone.

let's keep it up, okay?

for sue...and the the sue's out there.......let's wrap light everywhere
we can......


Sherry said...

It isn't until we are faced with "lack" or something happens to change the way our world looks that we seem to truly appreciate what we have...and then the lesson is to not take anything for granted ever again. The lesson is firstly for the person who is ill/in hospital/dealing with a crisis. The second lesson is meant for all who know and love that person. It is a communal lesson. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Sue, your concern and love for her and for spreading the message that in life, we are all one communal group. What happens to my neighbour...could happen to me.

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, sherry. and it feels like in honoring sue's journey, i need to pay attention to the lessons, ya know? thanks for this......

AkasaWolfSong said...

What happens to one part of the web, happens to all parts of the web...consider it done, Sister!


terri st. cloud said...

thanks, akasa!

BARB said...

Hi Terri,
No problem at all to keep up the star machine... My honor.
I so want her to be out and about soon, to breathe fresh air, touch trees, grass and nature.
You hang in there, Sue!!

Terri, you have been awarded a blog award. Come and check out my blog.

Diane Stefan said...

Your newest facebook cover says it all, says it well, as does this blog, as do Sherry and Akasa here. . . Together we will learn and grow and share the love and the stars, the pain and the joy, the friendship. . . praying for Sue. . .

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, you guys! and barb, how cool! i'll go check it out! thank you!