Monday, April 15, 2013

a reminder

man, has there been a lot on my mind.
hopefully it'll leak out as the week goes along here.

figure i'll start with this moment -

i was sitting outside at a coffee shop waiting for my guy.
as i sat there i watched one of the girls who worked at the place
wheel out an overloaded cart full of trash to bring to the dumpster.

now, this girl had an air about her that wasn't pleasant.
and yeah, i know - coulda just been a bad day for her.
coulda been some really big things goin' the wrong way for her.
i understand.

i just noticed her air.

and then i watched her go down the curb and bump a few of the
boxes off the top of the pile in the cart.
two boxes and a lump of paper.

she scooped up the boxes but left the lump.

the lump was right there, right with the boxes,
so i believe it was her choice just to leave it.
i'm thinking she most likely saw it.

and she just didn't care, and didn't want to bend over one more time.

and there the lump stayed.

i wondered if she'd get it on her way back.

still sitting there, i watched.

she left it.

she went back in.

and the lump started blowin' around in the breeze along the parking lot.

people were coming and going.
it was just one more piece of trash.

'how you do anything, is how you do everything' echoed thru my head.

i love that line.

so i thought about it all.
i know the feeling.
overworked, bad day, don't feel like bending over one more time for
one more thing....and yet.......if you don't bend over for that last little thing
you dropped, what happens?

and there's more, i think.

it's not just not bending over.
it's not just not picking it up.
there's a lot in there -

it's adding to the trash in the world.
it's taking away from the beauty around us.
it's saying 'i just really don't care enough.'

there's a lot in there.
and i think there's prolly a lot in most moments.
i think there's prolly a lot in most of those little extra effort moments of ours.

i wrapped my thoughts around this.
thought about my own life.
i want to remind myself to do that little extra push when i don't feel like it.

i looked down at some trash near my feet.
i smiled.
picked that up.
and then some more.

easy on a good day.
and the funny thing? it's easy on a bad day as well -
if i let it be.


Diane Stefan said...

another thought-provoking blog - leads me to wonder, "what would I do?" - and I so agree with the thought that went through your head - how you do anything, is how you do everything - really good one to mull over. . .a bone sigh all by itself! Thanks again for helping me during my day to stop, think, plan. . .

terri st. cloud said...

ah, diane! i wish that was my line. if it was, you can be sure it'd be a bone sigh! :)
thanks, lady...