Thursday, April 18, 2013

mulling around a bit.....

i was filling an order.
thinking about my relationship with my partner.

thinking about how much i truly trust him.

and thinking about how i kinda don't use that trust as much as i could.
like, if i really do, then wouldn't i be different a whole lot of the times?
some of the harder times? some of the apart times where i forget things
and doubt things?

i thought about this for awhile as i put prints together.

i really wanted to look at this.

and then i thought 'hey, it's like a little microcosm of the universe.'

so i started comparing.

i really trust him.
when i act like that, there's this gorgeous flow between us.
and when i start forgetting the trust and give in to doubts and fears,
things get hard.

i smiled and thought of all the times i told myself to trust the universe.
and when i do, there's such a flow of magic.
and when i don't.......sigh...there sure isn't.

then i started thinking about the hurts........
how i'm gonna get hurt with my guy, it's a given.
cause that's just what happens.

same with life.

but it's not personal.
neither my guy nor life are out to get me, are out to hurt me.
it's just part of the deal.

this started getting interesting to me.

so i began to wonder -
is every relationship - every action even - a small snippet of how i want to
live with my beliefs in the universe? does it all work the same way?

i don't know.
but it sure is an interesting thought to mull around......

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