Monday, April 1, 2013

my holiday

i was in bad need of a day for nothing.
a day to just be with my sons and just be.

we had planned a long bike ride complete with stopping often
for snacks...but it rained as we were driving to our spot.
traveling in two cars, josh and i sat in his in the parking lot
of the biking spot waiting for the other two who were coming
in my car.

as they pulled in, josh and i were talking about my car with my
bike on the back of it. we were both turned watching it come
down the road and into the parking lot - staring at it coming in.

rather fast as a matter of fact.
so fast, we watched it keep going right into a tree!

it wasn't bad. nothing was really hurt, and no one was hurt.
but it was enough to jolt all of us.

my stomach turned as i wondered what was wrong and why
that happened.

all was fine.
no big deal.
just one of those things.
a foot slipped, it was wet, all that.

we inspected for damage, we laughed hard, and i sighed one heck
of a sigh of relief.

driving back towards home i thought about how it all changes in a second.
that's how life works. it can change in a second. it was one of those moments
you really knew how lucky you were to be together.
and i was so grateful i was with all of them.

there were some favorite moments.
some laughing moments, some playing moments....
but prolly the highlight of highlights was sitting around talking after we
all watched a tedtalk about business.

we turned it off and then tried to apply what was said to each of our businesses.
we started with one, and then went to the next and the next.

the part i noticed was everyone counted. everyone got the same attention and thought.
we all listened to each other and offered input. and when we hit on the right stuff,
we all knew it. and we were all inspired with our work.

i think that was my favorite moment.
it was one of those team moments.
where our energies helped us all become more.
i love that.

we can be an awesome team.
and we were all day.

and i think there are times nothing heals my soul quite like a day filled with
that feeling.

i needed it, i soaked it up, and i held it with a ton of gratitude.

if you were a casual observer, you wouldn't have seen any outside god stuff
intertwined with our holiday. but if you had any kinda eyes to see, you woulda
seen god everywhere.

i did.
and it was pretty darn awesome.

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Diane in AR said...

awesome - so glad for safety and wellbeing (poor car) but thankful with you for how the day developed. And you're right - God is everywhere - one only needs to look with an open heart. . .

hugs. . .