Wednesday, April 10, 2013

one heck of a question

someone i'm just getting to know and really like,
wrote me a note and asked me 'what can i do to enrich your life?'


i stopped right in my tracks.

what a gorgeous question.

i told her i just wanted to get to know her, and enjoy her,
and that would enrich my life plenty.

and yeah, that's prolly the answer for what we can all do for each other.

but still.......i'm liking the question a ton.

first of all, i'm not sure i'd ask just anyone.

so that part has me intrigued.

who don't i want to enrich??
i guess that's a good way to look at who you only want to spend so much energy on.
or who you don't trust to try to zap all of your energy outta you!

and then there's the obvious people i love and am really close to.
when's the last time i consciously thought about enriching their lives??

so there's that angle.
which is plenty all in itself.

and then there's the answer angle.

it's really who we are and the offering of who we are that enriches others - much of that do we authentically offer those around us?

and why and when do we hold back?
and does our holding back reason beat the reason of wanting to offer to enrich?
which one weighs in stronger?

oh yes........i do love this question she asked.
and i do love the spirit in which she asked.
what a beautiful soul she has......

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