Tuesday, May 28, 2013


got to spend a little time with mark nepo's book on the holiday -
thought i'd share one little piece -

'things will always break apart and come together. yet, in our pain,
we often lose sight of their transformative connection: that each
cocoon must break so the next butterfly can be. and it is our curse
and blessing to die and be born so many times. so many sheddings.
so many wings. but in this is the chief work of love: to comfort each
other each time we break, to midwife each other each time we're born,
and to be the missing piece in what we need to learn, again and again.'

- the exquisite risk


Diane Stefan said...

Two books I'm taking on my trip east - Mark's and yours. . .thanks

terri st. cloud said...

now THAT'S cool, diane! :)