Tuesday, August 20, 2013

body issues/weight/health

ohmygosh - weight/body issues - it's a loaded topic!

i don't talk about it much because it is so loaded.

i've had body issues my whole life. still have them big time.
they're deep, they're strong, and they totally affect my life.

thing is....body issues and weight while definitely go hand in hand,
they can also be very separate things. one unhealthy, one healthy.

cause while i have body issues that tell me i don't look like i should
and i'm not as good as i should be - which is unhealthy stuff, steeped in
issues i've created for myself, i also have health/nutrition concerns
that are nothing more than wanting to be healthy - that part's good.
keeps me thinking about my health in a positive way.

and i know, no matter what way you cut it, being overweight isn't healthy.

so there's different things mixed into a big ol' ball and the topic's so loaded,
it's way hard to have a real conversation about it.

women, encouraged to accept who they are and how they look - which i
am completely behind - get stuck in proclaiming their unhealthy body fabulous in all ways -
which i can't honestly agree to.

i work hard on having a healthy inside. healthy mind, heart, spirit....having a healthy
body matters just as much.

 if i'm unhealthy in areas inside, i'm not bad, there's reasons for them,
and i want to work on them. why can't it be just the same way on the outside?

i'm not sure why we really don't step back and talk about there being several
things going on there. and that healthy and happy is really what we want to aim for.
and aiming doesn't have to be a bad thing - aiming can be healthy in itself.

but because of all the unhealthy diets and body images and issues stacked upon issues,
there's this whole tangly topic that i stay away from.

a friend who's been down a rough road with eating disorders and weight issues,
posted a blog on my facebook page yesterday. it's powerful and important, so i wanted
to post it here.

i wanted to intro it with the thought of how twisted this whole topic has become,
and how truly being healthy - in all ways - is something that's worth thinking about.
and untangling the topic seems to be a place to start.

here's the blog my friend posted...

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