Wednesday, August 21, 2013


i pulled out a couple of questions from several conversations i've had lately -

what is it that's making you sad?
what is it that you feel is missing from your life?


do you feel like you've healed from those past hurts?
(you know the ones)

aren't those awesome questions?

and of course, we can add the flip side ones to the sad/missing stuff -
as in what is it that's making you happy?
what is it you feel is an integral part of your life?
throw those in there for some balance.

all of those have come up recently.
and as i go thru my days, i pull them outta my pocket and look at them.

the 'do you feel like you've healed' one was kinda cool to look at as i was on the treadmill.
as i walked i wondered -
how would you answer that, terri?

it led down the path to many different thoughts.

i wanted to place them in your hands.
for your pockets.
for you to take out and look at.

perhaps pondering our responses will help us look at what it is we're doing
with our days....


Diane in AR said...

put those great questions in my pocket to pull out and ponder on later. . .(whew - alliterative. . .) But seriously, all really good questions to think about and to be honest with ourselves when we answer. . .

terri st. cloud said...

diane - i just treasure you. thank you for walkin' this journey with me!! ponderin' right next to you!