Tuesday, October 8, 2013

a cool idea...

things have a way of lining up just right sometimes.

there has been 'stuff' coming up that i've been wanting to look at.
the dreams have risen from their own quiet slumber and have started
dancing madly thru my mind all nite.
my life has changed so there's much more time to myself, much more quiet time -
at least when i'm awake!

and there's been a feeling that's gone from a nudge to a strong pull that i think
is on its way to becoming even more intense.

i feel like it's time for a new journey inward.
i am feeling the call.

and i don't know what that means or what that will bring.

i read a little mark nepo last nite - from his 'finding courage' book -
and bumped into this -

'the jewish tradition speaks to this ongoing engagement with experience as a necessary
form of wresting with god. the assumption under this sort of practice is that head-on
engagement and heart-on engagement with the mysteries of life hone us to what is
essential. it is a courageous engagement that wears away whatever is extraneous.
repeatedly, our vitality often comes alive from our wrestling with the energies of god.'

'nothing is harder than to enter our own depths and embrace the underside of our own
nature, to say to our shadow-self as it flails in our arms, 'i will not let thee go, except thou
bless me.'
and in between those quotes, he takes a parable about jacob wrestling with an angel
and  then invites us to personalize the parable. put our names and faces on the people in it,
and put a face and voice on the spirit you wrestle with.

that totally captured my attention.
you don't need this parable he gives in the book.
i needed that one.
but you might need a whole nother one.

but what a cool idea, huh?
take a parable that feels like it fits something in your life and then personalize it.

and see what you get from it.

i need to spend some time putting a face and voice onto my wrestling partner here.
and i just think that it is one awesome thing to try to do!
had to share.....


Diane in AR said...

This one I need to think on and read a few times. . .but sounds good. . .I really need to get back to reading/restarting my mark nepo book. . .got some spare time you could loan me?

terri st. cloud said...

i love the idea. put yourself in a story, myth, parable.....and see if it helps you figure out what's goin' on! kinda cool! and nodding with ya on that spare time, diane!