Monday, October 7, 2013

just one of those moments....

we had just finished up with the only 'goal' part of the trip.
we had done what we 'needed' to do...
now was the time to just wander,
to just totally do what we wanted, how we wanted,
for as long as we wanted.

having grabbed our caffeine, for we knew we wanted to be as
energetic as possible for this part of it all, we were just headin' back
to the open highway.

i was driving, josh was in the passenger seat.
it was just the two of us.
i was in mid-gulp when we drove past a billboard with
an insurance agent advertising his insurance company.

thing is, it was a totally unflattering picture of the insurance agent.
he probably groaned when he saw what it actually turned out like all
big on the billboard. it really wasn't what he would have wanted.

i knew josh saw it.
i could feel him see it.
there was no way to miss it.
but (oddly enough) josh was showing some couth at the moment and
staying quiet. (and that right there is a remarkable thing!)

but i had enough shots of caffeine at this point, and was in the middle of yet
another gulp of the stuff, when i saw the billboard.

trying not to spit my drink out of my mouth as i drove, i just reached
my arm across josh's face and pointed at the poor man's picture.
i swallowed (thank goodness) and burst out laughing.

which caused josh to burst out laughing with a shout of 'i saw it too!!!'
and then great glee over the look on the guy's face.

now, to be clear, we don't generally drive around and make fun of the look
on people's faces. this was just one of those moments that was too funny
and i'm sure the guy himself would agree.

the thing is tho...there's no one i travel with quite like josh.
there is no one else who woulda shared that moment like that with me.
i don't think there's anyone else i woulda even done that with.
there is no one i travel with who is on such a same wavelength.

i got to thinking -
that's what it's like with all the special people in our lives, isn't it?
there's something that takes place between you and them that isn't replicated
by anyone else. there's an energy that's just special between you and them
and certain things that are so unique between you.

i thought of that with josh's brothers, with my's there with all of them,
each in their own way. no, none of them woulda joined in on the billboard moment,
but there's other moments that only they could be part of.

and i thought of how cool that was.
and yes, how that's one of the reasons we miss those we love so much when they
aren't here anymore. because that is something that's just irreplaceable.

we drove and talked of how lucky we were to be travelin' together on such
a beautiful day, happy and healthy and wanderin' around for fun.
we knew what we had. that's something we also share - the gratitude for it.
and that made it one heck of a great day - that and a few billboard type moments.


Diane in AR said...

AWESOME - to treasure and be filled with gratitude for the special, different and unique connections we have with all the people in our lives. . .love the you, Josh and the billboard adventure!! Love the threads that connect us all. . .

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane!