Wednesday, November 6, 2013

books are such great friends!

so i got involved in this new love affair.
it's no secret.
you know....the one with my yard.

i remembered a book i read almost fifteen years ago, i think -
called 'growing myself' - by judith handlesman.

i remembered all these wonderful 'out there' stories about this woman
and her own cosmic love affair with her plants.

i used to own the book, but must have leant it out and never gotten it back.
so i rounded up a used copy and ordered it.

i have a stack of wonderful books right now.
too many.
and i'm excited about reading each of them,
but not putting in much of any reading time tho.
and here i ordered another.
'what am i doing??' i thought - but knew i had to read it.

it came in yesterday and i grabbed some time last nite and curled in.
as i read, it started coming back.
all her love of plants,
and all her openness to a whole world of relationships with them.
her wonderfully inspiring stories.

this is why i had to get the book.
who on earth can i really talk to about my new love affair?!
this book would make me feel less alone.

and it already has.
and it's already inspiring me.

and the last thing i read was just so beautiful i wanted to share -

'the interconnectedness of all life does not have to be an abstract
concept. we can live it. it doesn't matter whether we garden indoors
or outdoors, we can honor our world. it's all a prayer.'

it's all a prayer.

this woman is talking to me right now.
and now when i step out into my yard,
how can i not think i'm stepping into a prayer?!



D said...

Amen to that!!!

Though I am not a gardener, I do plant poem seeds and tend them, encouraging them to grow into poems. . .

and I have so many (note, I did NOT say TOO many) stacks of books waiting for me - is it wrong to want a long cold winter to enjoy my reading??

Thanks Ter. . .

terri st. cloud said...

that's what i'm hopin' for, you little seed planter! :)