Friday, November 8, 2013

i should start calling it zen raking....

so maybe my yard will end up teaching me a lotta things.

cause i was out there raking and raking and raking and i noticed something -

you can't tell.


for all the time i've raked you can't tell at all.
and i have a feeling it's gonna be like this for a very long time.

and it's not bothering me at all.

i was filling up a tarp full of leaves and i looked around and grinned.

and i realized that it wasn't bothering me.

and i thought about that.

in the past, it was something to 'get done.'
even when the kids were little and we had all that jumping in leaves time,
it was still something to eventually get done.

when the guys got big and we were all doin' it together, we were making time
for it. it felt good and i was glad to do it, but still - the goal - get 'er done.

i noticed a few weeks back that it was different this year.
noticed it wasn't bothering me. noticed there wasn't any goal.
figured that'd change as time went on and leaves kept falling.

but it's the coolest thing......
i just keep raking.
and i just keep grinning.

so i thought about it.

could it be?
could it really be that it's the act of raking that i'm loving so much,
that i honestly don't have a goal other than that?

and i paused.

ohhhh that's pretty zen, i thought.
just think if i could apply that anywhere - everywhere?!
and i just shook my head and raked some more.

what a great way to approach it.

and i have no idea why i'm approaching it like this.
but gosh, i feel like i could learn so much from it -

i figure it's fall - there's gonna be leaves everywhere.
just rake when you can.
and enjoy the act of raking while you're doing it.
it will all end up where it needs to end up.
sooner or later.
or not.
and i don't care.
cause the raking is bringing me great happiness.

well shoot.....
if i could be that zennish about my life i'd be a way calmer individual!

i wonder if i can.......


Diane in AR said...

You CAN - and I love Zen Raking!!! What a wonderful notion - I feel a bone sigh coming on or maybe several. . .

Have an awesome weekend ter !!

terri st. cloud said...

you too, diane!

Diane Stefan said...

raking fallen leaves
tidying her yard and mind
she grinned a zen smile

deas 2013

terri st. cloud said...

standing ovation here!!