Thursday, December 5, 2013

a shopping guide for you!

it is my great delight to share our 2013 holiday shopping guide with you!

we shouted out for links of different artisans so that we could gather
them together for you to have as a great source for your holiday gifts.

we also included some nifty shops that we work with as well.

in just checking thru all the links to make sure they worked, i thought
my buddy who runs the shop,portals, in berkeley springs, west virginia,
was hacked!~ then i laughed. nah, we just got the wrong website there!

we'll correct that before we pass this along any further.....but for now, i wanted
to do a quick shout out with it just the way it is.

if you are near berkeley springs, or planning a vist that way, tom's shop is
awesome and definitely worth a stop in! you can find the CORRECT link here -


other than that, i think we got 'em all right!
need some gifts?
check these artistans out!

~ holiday shopping guide ~

and! oh yes!
if you needed some visuals and links for our own,
bone sigh arts shopping guide.......

here ya go!


margy said...

Now I can't wait for the snow to get here so I'll be housebound and able to spend the day looking at all of these WONDERFUL sites! Thanks for getting them all together Terri!

Diane in AR said...

I'm with Margy - our sleety rain is starting to ice, the county has been cancelled, so I'm free to wander through all the links you provided - thanks Ter!!!!