Wednesday, December 18, 2013

christmas ghosts......

figured this was the perfect day to write about the christmas ghosts that
keep comin' up for me this season.

i wonder if they do every year, and i'm just really noticing it this time around.

some have passed, like my dad who passed this very day seven years ago.
and some are still here on the planet, but not in my life.

some are good good ghosts that come by and make me smile.
some come and tug at my heart and make me incredibly sad.

it's the whole mix.

a song will come on and whew......they'll be right there.
i'll look at something and bam....they're with me.

tis the season, is it not?

so, what i've been doing is just trying to stay standing when i get hit
from outta the blue, and tryin' to 'stay on course' and not let it all throw me.

but you know what i haven't been doing?

asking them why they're stopping by.

no kidding.
i haven't done that at all.

seems like a no brainer, doesn't it?

but ya see, i didn't realize at first,
but i think i do now....
i'm thinking it's the season of ghosts.......

and that doesn't have to be a bad thing.
not at all.

if i'm gonna have a whole host of guests show up,
i might as well sit down with them one by one and have a cup of eggnog or something.

tis the season.


Diane in AR said...

What a great plan - and imagining what an interesting group it would be if all those ghost came to have some egg nog with you at the same time. . .I think we might just all have a few visiting, we just need, like you, to acknowledge them. . .Hugs on missing your Dad - mine's been gone since January of '98 - miss him still so much. . .

terri st. cloud said...

thanks so much, diane.....sending you a hug......