Tuesday, December 10, 2013

forever choices......

every now and then i can hear my dad so clearly in my head.
it's like he's talkin' right at me.
or maybe thru me.
like he wants to make the point yet again,
even if he is gone.

we were all sitting around the kitchen table talking.
it was festive and cozy and full.
when i heard him.

and so i said - i can hear dad right now.
i know  just what he'd say -

and i proceeded to talk about choices.
just like he did.

he used to talk about the choices of young people.
and how they were so vitally important,
but they were young, and didn't realize how important.

he'd talk about how they would shape people's lives,
and how things so important, got very little thought.

so i brought that up and looked at each one of my sons for emphasis.
and we all agreed and talked about it a bit.

it was good conversation stuff  and some decent food for thought.

thing is......there's more to that.
sure, he was making a certain point.
but he never went on about the choices of adults.
about how those choices shape a whole ton too.

i find that interesting.
i think maybe he didn't see that many choices for adults.

but i do.
i really really do.

and i see it all the time -
maybe it's different now then it was for him.
maybe people are more free to make choices and change their lives around.
i don't know.

but i know see it a lot.
and i see the exact same thing he used to talk about with
young people going on in adults.

really important choices given very little thought.
OR a certain twist that seems more adult - choices looked at
thru eyes of denial....eyes that don't want to see.

and you know....i gotta wonder about us.
that's just absolutely crazy!
cause these are the things that create our lives - our choices!

and yet still, we use a thousand different ways to not look, not to  take
responsibility, not to own healthy choices.

sometimes i think we're not so much victims of life
as we are victims of our own selves.

what have you got goin' on right now?
what have you been dealt?
what cards are layin' on the table?
what are the cards you can't see?

and what the heck do you do with it all?

sometimes i need a little time to go 'woe is me.'
sometimes i need that.
but we only need that for a little while.

sometimes looking and thinking 'okay, this is my hand,
now how do i work with it for the best of my advantage?'
is really what we need to be doin'.

they're not just for the young.
they're for every living breathing person on the planet.

how cool is that?!


margy said...

Good thoughts - really stopped for a minute when you said"sometimes i think we're not so much victims of life
as we are victims of our own selves." - you're speaking to me again Terri! Have a great day!

terri st. cloud said...

you, me and everybody, margy!!
glad it got ya thinking! :)

coral said...

Painful truths help us to become.

thank you, terri.
and hey, thank your dad for me, too

terri st. cloud said...

grinnin'.....will do, coral...

Diane in AR said...

CHOICES - BIG subject and agree with Margy and Coral. . .it's all about growing every day. . .

terri st. cloud said...

it's one that just keeps echoing over and over again....