Wednesday, February 5, 2014

releasing the grasp....

somewhere along the way this weekend,
i made a deal with the universe.

what does that even mean?!

i don't know.
'cept maybe i committed to consciously payin' attention.
i don't know....

so i get in the car on my way somewhere,
and in the quiet bubble of the driving alone,
i just about start shouting about it all.
'when i said this - i didn't realize it meant THIS too!'

that kinda thing.

and i laughed.

'i'm not shouting at you, i'm shouting at me.' i said.

again -
what does that even mean?!

and again -
i don't know.

i just know that's what was goin' on inside me.
frustration, tryin' to understanding and seeing i missed a ton.

so i got where i was goin', shared my little car shouting
story and laughed.

after awhile it was time to hop back in the car.

and so i did.

as i pulled out, again, i found myself talking yet again to the great unknown -

'this is pretty darn exhausting' i said.

then i laughed out loud.

'that's the whole point, terri - LET GO!
it won't be exhausting if you just let go.'

and i laughed some more.

oh yeah.
that's kinda the whole point, isn't it?!

sometimes all i can do is shake my head at myself.

let go, ter.
let go and fly -


Diane in AR said...

Love this - love that I'm not alone shouting in the confusion trying to understand it all and myself as well. . .and LOVE the Let it Go art that learned to fly - thanks for sharing - you help us each and every one. . .

terri st. cloud said...

i love you, diane....