Friday, March 28, 2014


i sit at my desk listening to the voices and laughter outside.

my sons had said goodbye and headed out to their cars.
i closed the door and headed back to work.

as i typed, i heard their voices and laughter.
figured they were talkin' to a neighbor.
i kept working.
and the sounds kept coming.

i finally got up to see who they were talking to.

it was the grown son of the people across the street.
he too has moved away and was stopping by his folks house.
he was pullin' down the road as my guys were walkin' out.
they met on the side of the street.

the guys all used to work on cars together.
my neighbor's son had his car apart for days in my back yard.
his dad wanted him to get it out of my way,
i wanted him to stay and work on it as i loved the mess and
watching him work from my window.
i remember talkin' with him telling him it was fine and him telling
me how stubborn his dad was and that he'd have to move it.
i grinned.
'you wait.' i told him.
and went and outstubborned his dad.
i remember how stunned he was.
the car and his son stayed until the job was complete.
and i loved every moment of it.

there are four young men out in front of my house joking and talking
and catching up. they are four of my favorite young men in the world.
my neighbor's son has something special about him that i've always loved.
i think because i see that, he has always loved me a little bit back.

i sit here and remember the bike riding and the splashing in the small pool
we had out back. the basketball and the music, and yes the cars and the cars
and the cars. grease and car parts everywhere, including the kitchen.

he had never even changed the oil until my guys taught him. before long,
he was taking cars completely apart and talking of opening a garage with
my sons.

there's always been a mutual admiration between them all. something kind of
different. something very beautiful.

i listen and remember.
i listen and hear it still.

and i think how very lucky i've been to have traveled this path that i've traveled.

the wind blows, the breeze carries the sound of the wind chimes and their laughter
and my heart is filled with the best kinda music ever.


Anonymous said...

Happiness is always a good choice...


Diane in AR said...

nothing compares to the music of laughter. . .thanks for sharing. . .

Angel Blue said...

Those kind of memories are the best.