Friday, April 4, 2014


it's one of those thoughts.
feels like a really good one.
and yet, i'm not sure how to articulate it.

it has to do with us as individuals and us in relationships.
any kinda relationship.
partner, mother/child, friend, any relationship at all.

we come into whatever relationship it is with who we are.
and part of who we are is what we're wanting out of life.
like if we want to grow and become more.

i honestly don't know if everyone has that want.
i'm sincere.
i really don't know.
i know some people don't grow and become more.
some people don't seem interested at all.
and i'm not sure how much of that is a choice on their part
or something else.

but this would be about the people who want the 'more.'

they can go into any relationship and get some good out of it.
even the unhealthy ones.
could be hard to find, but it's there.
like maybe the struggle to get free of the relationship made them
stronger. could be the wisdom it took not to believe in the abuse.
something like that. they'll get something good out of it and take
it and become more.

and then! when you take a person who wants to become more and put
them in a healthy relationship, it seems to me the limits begin to fall away.
and the influence that the people have in the relationship is way cool.

so you take a totally rockin' cool person who wants to grow and become more
and you put them with another rockin' cool person who wants the same,
and things begin to happen. kids grow like weeds and bloom in amazing ways.
their parents change and become more, partners take on traits of each other
and become stronger in their weaker places. boundaries open wide and horizons
just broaden.

our influences on each other can be such an incredibly beautiful thing.

as i type this, i'm thinking this is a no brainer.
everyone knows this.

it's just i saw it from a bit of a different angle last nite and have been thinking
of it ever since.

and it reminds me once again, that in all our relationships, we should step back
from time to time and do a check in.

is this healthy for me?
am i becoming more of who i want to be?

if the answer's no.....well, gosh, time to rethink all that, huh?
and if the answer's yes.....well, goodness gracious, it's time to rejoice and hold
the gratitude!~ cause that's the stuff that will bring us to the stars!


Angel Blue said...

I think it always depends on the person. Wonderful entry.

Diane in AR said...

Love today's blog - and especially love the suggestion to step back and take a look now and then at the/any relationship to see if it is what you want it to be, if you are who you want to be in it and if it's heading the way you want it to grow/go. . . love when you look at things from different angles. . .thanks Ter!