Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the jellybean stuff......

i'm figurin' when i first saw this, i prolly posted it here.
don't know.
can't remember.

all i know is it made a really big impression on me.
comes into my thinking a lot,
and has been on my mind extra lately.

it's our life and the time we have illustrated in jellybeans.

you can view it here.

now when something comes up that i'm not sure about whether
i want to participate in or not, i put it in jellybean terms.

what's so cool is that i'll think of something this way,
and if it's something i really shouldn't be wasting my time on,
i will immediately get the thought  'nope. can't have my jellybean.'
that runs thru my head, and i know that i need to choose something else.

it's the jellybean test!
and i swear, it really really helps.

since i used it again very recently,
i figured it was a good thing to share.
jellybean anyone?


Diane in AR said...

GREAT one - so thankful you spent a jellybean or two with me - what a great and fun way to understand the concept of limited time. . .

terri st. cloud said...

and we've got more jellybeans to go, diane! :)

Diane in AR said...

we definitely do!!!

margy said...

Oh, WOW! This video and message is EXACTLY what I needed this morning to get my priorities back in order - thank you again my dear for coming into my life - you and your thoughts and words are SUCH a Blessing.

terri st. cloud said...

margy, isn't it darn inspiring?! i don't think i'll ever forget that one! glad it hit you too! :)