Tuesday, August 5, 2014

a nice reminder

it'd been far too long,
but there we were gathering for coffee.
and as we all caught up on what was goin' on with each other,
i could hear one message repeating itself over and over in the stories -

'trust the process.'

that's a phrase i've used a million times.

one i sometimes do.
one i a lotta times just don't.

so i love to be reminded in ways that really resonate.
what was really cool was no one was trying to make that point.
each of us were just sharing our stories.

and that's what was whispering out to me in each one,
including my own.

i could see in the stories how the inner wisdom inside each one of us
guided us to find what we needed.

and i could see how it all really is a process.

over and over and over and over i forget.

it's a process.

and there is so much wisdom inside ourselves.
and maybe just so much wisdom whirling around us all the time.

i really need to remember to just let go and trust.

it was a nice reminder to get today.
and so i wanted to share it here as well.

1 comment:

Diane in AR said...

Thank you for the reminder. . .it IS a process and experiencing the hard stuff makes us appreciate the good stuff so much more. . .I keep thinking (when slogging through the rough times)'this too shall pass'. . . .