Friday, August 22, 2014

empty talk....


and the universe plopped example after example in front of my face -

what choices are you making that help you grow and become more?
what choices are you making that are making you stuck and stifled?

i've listened to a lotta good talk the last few days that was just that - TALK.
there weren't any actions behind the words at all to back up the talk.
in fact, there was plenty of actions that were the opposite.

oh man.

so we know somewhere deep inside of us it's up to us.
and we know the right words to say to make it look like we're goin'
in the healthy direction.

it's actually a little stunning at how people seem to know that and feel
the need to paint a certain picture of it happening......
when it's not happening at all.

so many different walks of life, so many different personality types -
and yet - the empty talk was all the same.

this weekend when i snuggle in with my most trusted friend in the universe,
i'm gonna ask for some help in seeing my own empty talk.
because i'm pretty sure a lotta times we don't even know we're doin' it.

and i'm seein' what the power of empty talk does.
and i want to meet it head on with the power of facing it.

1 comment:

Diane in AR said...

whoa - good reminder here today - actions, not just words (okay, okay, I'm really gonna do my JURT video - smiling). . .that's what I love about your blogs ter, that even though you may be writing about one person, once incident - what you write is so universal that most of us can see some of ourselves in almost everything you write. . .thank you!!!!