Friday, August 8, 2014

rock on josh!

my son josh is always up to something.
i've shouted about his latest project over here recently
as it began in full force last weekend.

he's working on a 'planetary jam session' where the whole world jams together.

you can find out more about it here.

we picked him up last sunday nite and he told us stories all the way home.

my favorite was one that was mixed in a whole stream of stories.

i like that part too as it's not something that stands out big time for josh -
it's part of the way he is. it's a story he likes. but he has lots of him.
and, that, for me, is just as cool a part of the story as the story itself.

it was the one where he talked of having a pizza in the park with a friend
of his and a homeless man.

'i didn't want to just give him money for food, i wanted to eat with him.'

that line right there is probably one of the most beautiful things i ever heard him say.
and was extra beautiful cause he didn't know it.

the man was in a wheelchair and josh continued with the story, telling  of misjudging the
city traffic lights and walkin' out in the middle of heavy traffic with one hand
pushing the man's wheelchair, the other hand holding the pizza, and cars all around them.

oh man.
i laughed with delight as he said the guy in the wheelchair rooted him on and
told him to stop traffic and show them!

oh gosh. i could just picture it.

josh is one of those people who could sit with a homeless guy, a king, a scholar,
a mentally challenged person, anyone in any form and make himself at home.

i love that about him.

he's off on the second part of his journey today.
encouraging the world to jam together with music.
to bridge our gaps thru our love of sound and rhythm.
to find some kinda peace and harmony with each other.

this morning i want to stop and honor the way he brings all of himself to the world.
he reminds me that's what i want to do.
and he inspires me.

rock on, josh!
looking forward to the stories that are waiting to happen!


margy said...

also says A LOT about this neat lady that raised him - without your teaching he would not be the man he has grown into!

terri st. cloud said...

awww, margy. thank you. means a lot....

Diane in AR said...

Josh is awesome. . .it must be in the blood, heredity - all three of your sons are amazing. . . LOVE what Josh is doing - I might even make a broomitar video. . .

terri st. cloud said...

diane, i'm countin' on that vid! :)