Wednesday, September 10, 2014

lovin' margy.....

i am the luckiest person in the world.
i get to meet so many amazingly beautiful people thru bone sigh arts.
and what i get from those connections just matters so darn much.
it truly has changed my life.
and keeps adding so much to my days.

margy is someone i met thru the computer and loved instantly.
she's one of the 'special ones.'
well, yesterday, i got a package in the mail from her.

she had made me something and hoped to give it to me in person some time ago.
but the meet up didn't work out,
and so she decided to send it to me.
but it took her awhile.
she prolly thought she was procrastinating....
but i'm thinking not....

i gotta believe there's something to the timing of the universe.
cause i don't think there could have been a more perfect day for this to arrive.
i think i treasure it even more because of the timing.

it's no secret i've been struggling with the dark.
and i'm just now coming back to the light and really reaching for the
light people offer. and comes this gift which is

she made it herself. a beautiful mosaic light.
two mosaic sides - a candle on one side and a sun/star on the other.
i have it on this very moment while i'm holding a friend in my thoughts this morning.
and it TWINKLES inside as well!

i stood there and held it and cried.

there in my hands was living proof of the light i've been so desperately
trying to believe in. i was standing there holding kindness and generosity
and talent and creativity and love and sooooo much light.

margy knows darkness.
i knew that.
and i thought about that.
maybe you really have to know darkness to really offer light.

we need them both, ter.
i nodded to myself.
and held that light so gently.

i'm gonna use it all the time.
and it's going to be my reminder -
it's there, ter. the light is there.
'we are indeed each other's candles.'

lovin' margy....with tears in my eyes.....

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