Friday, October 17, 2014

a thought for my pocket

so i blogged about ed yesterday.
and my tryin' to honor his passing in my heart.
and there was a comment left last nite
signed 'ed.'

you wanna bet i didn't do a triple take on that one?!

it made me stop in my tracks.

i love stuff like that because it so quickly brings me to the limitless possibilities
that  are around us every day that i know i never come close to seeing.

i stopped and gasped and wondered.
and then laughed.
and wondered some more.

diane had mentioned the dolphins in her comment,
and my mind immediately leaped to ed.
making me gasp with the possibility that ed was somehow part of all that.

do i believe that?
not really.
not in a specific way.
maybe in some round about energy way.
i don't know...
but i love to hold it.
it makes me cry (in a good way) to hold it.
cause who knows, right?

and i love to hold beautiful ideas like that.

it's a choice we have, isn't it?
what we choose to hold.
what we choose to wonder about.
what we choose to look for.

the comments yesterday reminded me of that.

and that's with everything.

it's with how we view people around us,
how we react to things,
how we open to life.

i'm tuckin' that in my pocket right now and carrying that thought with me today.

1 comment:

Diane in AR said...

There ARE limitless possibilities and that shocked me to to see a comment from 'ed' - oh my. . .

as for ed being part of the dolphins amazement, well, I believe in it - all part of the infinite possibilities -

loved this blog - because it IS full of choices, wonder, looking holding. . . .life !!!