Wednesday, October 15, 2014

dolphins too!

it was so quick,
most people wouldn't be hollerin' about it -
but i can't help it.
yesterday i got to spend a couple of hours at the beach.

it's been well over TEN years since i've been there.
and it's been calling me for a few years now really strongly.
finally, i swore, even if it was just a few hours, i was getting there.

and that's exactly what i pulled off.

and oh man.
am i glad i did.

i went with my son.
so it was a nice chance to spend some time with him as well.

and it was the perfect, perfect day for it.

i smiled so big when we turned onto that beach and my son
said with awe in his voice 'i didn't realize how beautiful it was.'

it was so beautiful i didn't feel like i could hold it all.
but i was sure gonna try.

years and years ago when we used to go,
we'd see the dolphins in the late afternoon.
i would get so excited when that happened.

i figured i wouldn't see them this time as we weren't there long
and would be leaving too early.

i told myself something was better than nothing,
and maybe i'd catch them next time.

and then the most wonderful thing happened.
we were walking.
steadily walking along with the ocean to our left.
we looked down the beach and down at the water coming in at our feet.
but weren't looking over to our left.

and then,
for some reason i stopped and turned to the water.
there was no thinking involved.
i just stopped and turned.
my son turned with me
and there they were.
the dolphins!

honest to pete, it looked like we knew what we were doin'.
like we knew they'd be there.

which totally added to the magic for me.

i clapped and was so excited.
it wasn't until i was an adult that i saw dolphins at the beach.
and that feels like the biggest gift ever to get to see them swim by.
and here they were.
after all these years.
just waiting for me.

they do their little divin' up and down stuff and are just so awesome to watch.

i just couldn't believe it.

there they were swimming in that vastness.
it's just overwhelming to me sometimes.
the beauty of the earth.

i have a thing for the sky.
its vastness captures my imagination.
that's what the ocean did for me yesterday.
it was like another sky.

there was the sky sky.
and the ocean sky.
and the sky inside me.

and yesterday, on that beach, they all mixed together and sent me soaring.
divin' up and down and playing in the vastness.

kinda like a dolphin.


patricia Mosca said...

Ah...a true GEM of life!

Diane in AR said...

So smiling with you. . .that feeling when you see the ocean. . .at once you feel awesomely full of power and joy and at the same time tiny like a grain of sand. . .but it's always all good. . .and then to see the dolphins as well - simply a perfect day. . .so happy for you and Noah !!!

margy said...

Such an inspiring part of the earth - so glad you have those great pictures with Noah to help bring those moments back whenever you need them!