Monday, November 10, 2014

friends, prayer and the beauty of life's mystery

i have a friend who prays.
like REALLY prays.

i guess i know a lot of people who really pray.

but there's something about this friend and her heart and her prayers
that stand out for me.

i see such goodness in her.
i see her walkin' her talk.

and ya know, the whole walkin' your talk stuff -
not everyone does that.
not everyone does that for REAL.

so when i have a friend
who walks her talk
and prays with her heart
and her heart glows naturally -

well.......i put a lotta faith in that.

i was wrestling with something big time.
i mentioned it to her.
and just told her i was off to go work on it.

and at some point,
it took a turn.
the wrestling took a turn.

and a breakthru that really needed to happen,
something that took a long long long time to happen finally happened.

now, no.......everything's not perfect.
i think now the work really comes in.
but the door that needed to open to enter to do the work opened.

it was after i felt the door open i saw an email from her.
she mentioned she prayed for me the nite before.

i smiled and nodded.

of course she did.

i think the thing i love most about prayer is the way it connects us.

someone miles and miles and miles and miles away can be right there
in my heart, in my confusion, in my wrestling.

and something mixes us all up together and opens doors.

i do believe that.
and i love that so much.

it reminds me today to keep my heart open to  life today
and all its mysteries.......

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diane in AR said...

I do believe in the mysteries that connect us and in keeping our hearts open . . .always. . .