Wednesday, November 5, 2014

love, life and lessons

one of my artist buddies was asking for lessons learned in love over on fb.
she was gonna take some that people offered and try to illustrate them.
she's always up to something cool!

so i tossed a few out there.

and have been thinking about the whole topic ever since.

lessons learned in love.

so i sat back and thought about the lessons.
and the lessons have all seemed to come AFTER my marriage.


that's a bit of a weird feeling.

but the cool part of that is when i look back i see so much of how we
reinforced our dysfunction together in our marriage.

no blame.
no he sucked, she sucked.
it's where we were.
it's what we knew.
it's what we were unaware of.
it's a ton of things.

why is that cool?

because somewhere along the line i stopped and said i want healthy.
and i really wanted it.
and if there had to be a price, i certainly paid it.

and ever since then i've been workin' my butt off to get healthy inside
and to have a healthy relationship outside.

if you're gonna pay for it, you might as well really try to have it.

and there have been lessons after lessons after lessons.

i'm kinda thinking that might make a fun blog once a week.
throw in a lesson i learned or am learning.
may do it......
may not.

but the thing on my mind today with it all is how it really rotates
around how i am on the inside. how strong i am, how healthy i am,
how open i am, how grateful i am. how much i believe in myself,
how much i love myself.

all of that.

our selves.
how we are with ourselves.

and of course, that goes both ways. with both partners.

which probably explains a lot about my marriage.
and so many marriages.

lessons i've learned in love?
maybe the same thing that i've learned in living -
the stronger and healthier we become the stronger and healthier
all that we touch becomes.


diane in AR said...

What a cool idea she has . . .hmmm lessons in love - not an easy one, right? Love how you share how much you learned, how many lessons you took to heart. . .and bottom line how you love yourself. . .stronger and healthier is a great goal always. . .thanks ter

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane. it's a good thing to ponder, isn't it? :)