Wednesday, November 26, 2014

showin' up at the party

i've used this kinda visual in my head before,
but this time i seemed to go a step further with it,
and it really is workin' for me.

thought it was good timing, right before the holiday to share -

it's about how you participate with life.

think of life as a party.

your thanksgiving gathering, yes.
your going up to the grocery store to get the food.
your taking a walk.
your decorating your house for the holidays.
your raking your leaves.
everything in your life is its own little party.

how do you show up?

think of all the different ways you can -
it was easy for me when i just started thinking about gatherings.

there's some gatherings i go to that i'm a big part of so i come and help set up,
bring food, bring create it the whole atmosphere. i am totally
involved and engaged.

there's some that i feel shy at and bring a little something to offer.
i stand on the sidelines feelin' awkward.

there's some i drag my feet to. and leave as fast as i can from.

this started making me smile......and think.

then i started thinking about different gatherings i've been to and different
ways i've seen people show up.

there's some who come empty handed wanting to be entertained.

there's some who bring food but never put it out because there's enough out already.

there's some who know you're vegan, bring a cheese dish, then looked shocked
that you won't eat it and claim they didn't know cheese was dairy.

there's some who bring a bag of potato chips and a scowl.

some who look at their watches the whole time.

there's some who laugh and talk and share stories.

there's some who try to make everyone feel okay.

there's some who are too loud.

there are some who are so warm and inclusive.

there's a million ways to show up.

and every single one of us can do every single one of these things at different times.
because we don't always think about it.

but what if we started being more aware of it?
what if we kept asking ourselves what is it we want to bring to the party this time?

when i started thinking about this, i could see how great this worked -
i got really excited.
so much of a personality is evident in how you show up.
so much of a relationship is evident.
is it stressed and strained?
is it joyful and happy?
is it something you like?

i am loving this.
it's such a fun and easy way to see if you're living the life you want to live.
being with the people you want to be with.

and i figured the day before thanksgiving was a great day to post this.

cause really, what are you bringing to that table when you sit down?
and is it what you REALLY want to be bringing?

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