Tuesday, January 27, 2015


it's been a full day.
and it's only half way done.

i've watched several people as their dysfunctions leaked out,
quickly stepping outta the way of the toxic flow,
helped a stranger who seemed to have some big personal issues
yet seemed touched by the kindness offered,
cried over the loss of someone's independence and the harshness of getting old,
reached a little but further to let someone know they mattered,
and added a lotta numbers.
not to mention the walk in the snow this morning.

it's full, isn't it?
this whole living life thing.
it's so darn full.

and then it's over.

so i'm thinking -

this fullness is what we get.
mix in our own dysfunctions,
other's dysfunctions,
and our reactions to it all........

and it's a lot to manage.

it's a lot to manage.
let alone truly live and honor who we are.

but it's up to us.
we've got today.
it's all we know for sure.
we don't even know that.
we've got this moment.

and i want to do more than get thru it,
more than manage it,
more than occupy it.

i want to live it.
honor it.
honor me.

it's my choice.
and today keeps nudging me to remember that.

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diane in ar said...

Excellent blog today - especially reminding us to remind ourselves to live and honor our lives, our days. . .one day at a time - thanks ter. .