Friday, February 6, 2015

more on the song

so this whole song thing (see the post below) has been on my mind a lot.

i searched out a buncha versions today and had to laugh.
i didn't even realize it was a religious song!
it's prolly how i know it.
i just thought it was a song every kid sang.
i don't remember the versions with jesus in the words.
so even that part was amazing -
that i found the perfect version for myself yesterday that
was something i could relate to with visuals that resonated
and a voice that just soaked right on in me.

cool stuff.

and turns out i tried hard to 'use' it last nite.
i was driving.
i wasn't sure if i should turn the news on or not.
but i was hoping for the weather report.
that'll teach me.
terri, next time just look up weather on the internet.

i tuned right into the thick of news that overwhelms me.
the over the top horrible stuff.
i turned it off.
but not soon enough.
or maybe it was perfect.
because maybe i need to try to be aware and offer light.
so maybe just a tiny piece of news to get me open to it.
even tho it shakes me up big time.
i don't know.
but it happened.

and so i cried.
and i drove.
and i thought of the song.
and i tried to sing it.
it took me a few moments.
i couldn't get anything out at first.
just tears.

but i kept trying.
and then i did.
shaky at first.
but i was singing.
and that in itself was helpful.
i had something to focus on.
i had something to try to get out of me.
and at that point, it was certainly like a prayer.

i walked into home depot with one heck of a perspective.
i looked around me at the big building filled with stuff.
an every day luxury i never even think about.
but i was thinking about it last nite.
who was i to be that lucky?
to just be walkin' thru this place like it was every day ordinary.

a lotta times i'll look at stuff i can't afford and get a little wistful.
not last nite. i realized just standing there healthy and safe in a land
with so much - well, there wasn't any room for want.

as i shopped, i tried hard to offer every single person i met light.
and i got back in my car singing my song.


diane in ar said...

Ever since you posted 'your song' yesterday, as sung by Odetta. . . well I've been singing it too and thinking of you!!! Perfect for YOUR song!! So agree with your blog today - how lucky we are to be in a country with so many choices. . .and to be healthy and safe. . .glad you found your light again and were able to sing. . .just came in from my walk and yes, I was singing out in the sunshine for you!!

terri st. cloud said...

smilin, laughin' and lovin' you, diane. YOU are such a light!

diane in ar said...

maybe because my candle got lit from your candle. . . .thanking you. . .