Monday, April 13, 2015

adding bumps to the plan

ha! i was so psyched.
as noted in the blog before this.
it's easy!
just do it!
make your life what you want it to be.
create your surroundings.

i headed off into my friday and weekend with that in mind.

oh yeah.



except for the fact that your life that you're creating includes OTHER PEOPLE.
and those other people aren't always on the same page as you.
different moods, different things goin' on,...just different.

and not always a different that feels good.


it didn't take me past saturday afternoon to feel pretty much like
i completely flopped on this great plan of mine.
and i was discouraged.

that didn't take long.

but truly, how do you do this when it includes others?

it totally makes sense if you're on your own.
no one else involved.
you can navigate your own moods and your own stuff.

but life without people isn't really life, is it?

the problem is, it's those other people who are involved who can give life
so much meaning and can at the same time make such bumps in the road.
if you hit enough bumps in a row, it certainly can feel like you're goin' in
the wrong direction.

thing is.....and i had to figure this out...
that's not true.
about the wrong direction.
if they mean a lot to you and they're a big part of what brings beauty to your life,
then even when the bumps are bumping....deep down....
deep's all part of what you're trying to create.
they are part of it.
moods, quirks, lives of their own, all of it.

and actually, the knowing that and loving them with the moods, quirks
and lives of their own.....well, that deepens the journey and IS totally going
in the right direction.

so that all made it so i had to add another part to the plan -
love them.
love them with all you have
believe in your plan
keep creating your life
love yourself
and keep going.

and remember that creating the life that you want has got to include bumps.
it doesn't mean life is all prettiness.
it means life is full.
and last i knew, full included bumps.

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diane in ar said...

well, bumps do add to the reality . . .a smooth road with others would not be real at all - sounds like you're on the right track after all. . .lotsa lessons on this journey. . .