Friday, April 24, 2015

and the world keeps spinning....

had a great talk with the guys today
as usual, the topics ran all over the place.
it even makes us laugh at how sidetracked we can get.

but one of the topics we hit on was how the world goes on
even when we're not here.

how strange that is.

it just keeps going.

we talked of how it's so important to do what you love and care about.

i was struck with this years and years ago when a family friend died.
we took care of his stuff.
i remember picking up the couple of boxes of stuff from his work.
and that was it.
work kept going.
even tho he didn't.

that thought comes back over and over again.

what do you lose yourself in?
what do you give your time to?
it seems like a really important thing to ask yourself now and again.

the world's gonna keep spinning without us.
so it seems to make sense that we should really love what we spend our time on.

a nice thing to reflect upon as the weekend approaches......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This made me smile,
Because I spend my time with people i love, and doing things that some times bring me joy, some times are just a sense of satisfaction ( like a neat house for 5 minutes)
but I am not hating what i am doing...
Thanks for this...