Wednesday, April 15, 2015

perspective comes thru again...

sometimes you just hit those incoherent moments with people.
where you're tryin' to say something - sometimes something mundane
and ordinary, sometimes something close to your heart -
doesn't matter what cause it's just not getting comprehended.
sometimes i hit those moments, sometimes i hit strings of those moments.

this time tho, because i've got the whole 'living fully' thing on my mind,
i realized -
doesn't matter.
the point is that i care about whoever i'm talking about.
they gettin' that?
then it's okay.
we'll figure the rest out later.

i like this perspective stuff.
too bad it's so easily lost.
for now tho.......i'm lovin' it.

1 comment:

diane in ar said...

I've had this happen too and I need to remind myself how it felt and then I need to remind myself to NOT be the person not comprehending or truly listening. . .we never know when someone will share their heart with us. . . thanks for the reminder to keep on living fully. . . .