Thursday, April 9, 2015

sharing something beautiful...

from mark nepo and his book, 'the endless practice.'

'The journey of living requires us not just to understand, but to enter.
Transformation begins when we stop watching. To enter requires us to
touch and open seeming opposites, the way we would open ancient carved
doors, reading the markings of those who've come before. This is the deeper
work of experience. Life is full of opposites, contradictions and painful
tensions - full of paradox. And try as we do to sort these tensions, to pull
them apart and understand , to solve them, to keep them at bay - none of
that works. It seems the only way to open the doors of paradox is with a soft
heart. When we receive completely, the indivisible world receives us, the
way water accepts whatever falls into it; the way oceans let everything
settle on their bottom.'


diane in ar said...

I love this Mark Nepo quote - love the idea to not just go through the doors, but look at the doors as well. . .but using a soft (and open) heart. . .we are more open to the journey to living, not just watching - this is definitely a quote from Mark that can be read again and again. . .thanks ter. . .

Sorrow said...

Oh yes..
Some things he says just hit that spot...
and linger.