Thursday, June 18, 2015

and pop went my eyes...

i just read something that made my eyes pop!
where else? mark nepo's book.
could be any of 'em - but it was in 'the endless practice.'

he mentioned the story of aladdin's lamp.
i only know it from my memories as a kid.
but i know enough that i love this thought -

he says 'the lamp is home for a powerful genie that will serve
whoever rubs, caresses, and cares for the lamp.'
and then he goes on to say that WE are the lamp and the
powerful genie lives inside each of us!


he speaks of the origin of the word 'genius.'
i first heard this when i heard elizabeth gilbert talk -
and i remember loving it -
genius originally meant 'attendant spirit'
and everyone has a genius.
and, of course, you can call that many different things -
inner wisdom......our soul.......i've even called it 'butterfly woman.'

there isn't a doubt in my mind that we all have our own inner genie.
not one doubt.

and yet...
there's a thousand ways i forget.

when my eyes pop because of a gorgeous reminder,
i know it's time for me to remember.

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diane in ar said...

I can see why your eyes popped - love his take on this - and yours. . .