Wednesday, June 10, 2015


i was lucky enough to get to go see an awesome musical last nite - 'newsies.'
it was fabulous and full of youthful guy energy.
i love that energy.

and it was perfect timing as i had decided that today i was gonna sink my teeth into my life.

since i was out late and up super early, a little inspiration was definitely needed.

now, i realize i'm not a youth. and i'm not a guy.
but that energy.
it lit me right up.

and it created a really interesting contrast for me as well.

before the show, i sat people watching.
i saw a lotta different people go by in the city.
and only TWO of them were smiling.
that was it.

granted, the work day was ending, people had worked
long hours, i'm sure. and it was warm out. and i'm sure people
were tired.

but my gosh.
only TWO people smiling?

there was just a real lethargy i was seeing everywhere.

and then.
dancing and singing and energy bursting off the stage.

i sat there wanting that energy.
certainly not wanting the other.

i'm lucky enough i can have it.
well, maybe not exactly.
like i say, not a youth, not a guy.
but! that healthy alive 'i wanna live' stuff -
yeah, i can have that.
and just the fact that that is an option, is a huge huge gift.

it's up to me.
it's up to how i care for myself,
and what i give my time to.
it's what i eat, what i don't eat.
it's what i think and what i focus on.

talk about inspiration for my sink my teeth into life day.

it's our day.
our life.
what energy do you want to choose?
what energy are you lucky enough to have a choice in?

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diane in ar said...

You know, this post reminded me how often I look up when I am in public places and see someone looking right at me - no one I know. . .but they are looking intently. . .so, I've decided they are looking for a smile, an acknowledgement of someone SEEING them. . .soooo. . . I do not hesitate any more (shy side of me did for a little) - I give away smiles by the bundle every single chance I can. . . and you know what - 99.9% of the time I get a smile back. . .and those smiles help me feel good, feel I made the right choice. . .it's a special kind of energy. . .