Monday, June 1, 2015

josh's car visual that really worked for me.

i'm not sure i can relay this good enough.
but i really want to try.
it's josh's thought.
and hopefully he'll blog it.
but since i know he gets busy,
and this thought really tickled me and i've been smiling about it all day,
i wanted to share.

he was helping me see that i had done all i could do in a certain situation.
that to do anymore would be dysfunctional.
and he likened it to driving.

if you're on the road, driving along in the right lane,
and someone drives right up behind you and tails you
acting like you're in the way,
all the while the left lane is clear and is totally free for them to pass,
well then that's on them.
that's not your deal.
it would be totally dysfunctional and wrong to pull over to the shoulder
so they could pass.

that was it.

is that brilliant to anyone else?

for some reason that just put something into perspective for me.

you can give what you can give to people,
but it's not just on you.
they're in this too.
and there's choices.
and sometimes the choices are really theirs.
and all you can do is keep driving the best way you know how.

i honestly have NO idea if that makes any sense to anyone else,
or if anyone else needed that thought.

but i gotta tell you,i love it.
and have been really relishing it all day.

honk! honk!

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diane in ar said...

Honk Honk - it really, really does make sense and I love the driving analogy - way to go Josh - great advice for mom!!! See, Ter. . .you taught them so well that now they teach you. . .perfect!!!!

You can only give what you can give - they have to own their issues and make their choices. . .