Tuesday, June 23, 2015


ya know,
i can be so darn thick headed.
the best thing in my life lately has been havin' this goofy guy of mine here.
this whole co-habitation thing has been deeply wonderful.

and um.....
i gotta say, i dragged my feet a bit.
a lot.

i dragged my feet a lot.

gosh, if we could look down at the path of my life,
we'd find a whole lotta dragged feet marks along the way.

so here i am, draggin' my feet with more things,
and it occurs to me -
the last thing i dragged my feet with has been really really good once i let go.
i am living that joy right now.

how about with other stuff???

i think it's time.

no, this isn't an over nite letting go of for sure.
i've been deeply dug in for a bit now.
but i think today i'm letting go and letting life lead me.

i honestly think i've had enough wrestling.

and i'm ready to be led.

i feel my inner child coming alive again.
go figure.

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