Monday, June 9, 2008

ya mean there's more???

there we were, talkin' on the phone.
i was fillin her in on things and tellin' her that i had
managed to let go of that stuff i was strugglin' with.
i felt kinda good as i was tellin' her as it had been so
hard to get there.

then she asked me the next question.
and i realized i now had to turn to the next thing
to let go of.

my gosh.

it's not a 'just do this and it'll be fine' kinda life,
is it?
it's a constant embracing, letting go, embracing,
letting go, growing, changing, change it again kinda

one thing leads to another.
and ya know?
i'm thinking that's kinda cool.
can be tiring at times.....
but still kinda cool.

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