Sunday, July 27, 2008

it's only water

the kids won't be here forever.
so i'm tryin' to learn all those little things
they do for me.
tonite was changing the filter on our water filter.

i asked my son how to do it before i started.

he said it was super easy and i just unscrew this big
ol' thing here.....

well....he forgot the part about turning off the water!

who knew?


so i'm under the sink and water starts spraying everywhere!
i started laughing and hollerin' all at once. it was
just one of those things and it was funny.

today i had a life thing goin' on inside of me.
it hasn't been as much fun.
and's so similar.....

i don't know how to do it, i have to learn.
i ask for help, important parts are left out because
well.....who knew?
i get hit unexpectedly with cold water.

it never seems so funny tho.

wouldn't it be cool if it was as easy and free
as wiping up the water, laughing over the not knowing
and then putting it all back together???

i am pretty sure i'll never make it to that enlightened.....
even if i got 7895 life times to try.....
but i do see in this one that a sense of humor could really

lighten up she tells herself.
it's only water.

1 comment:

The Raja Project said...

ya IS that easy...if you let it be. and besides...with that sense of humor intact, the water is refreshing, not a nuisance. don't forget WE are mostly bags of water! 'lighten up' is a terrific mantra...and it helps if you want to fly! hugs~