Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ah! ha! ho! ho!

i am soooo excited!

years and years ago when the kids were tiny,
i would go get my twenty minutes a day to myself
in the shower.....their dad would watch them,
i'd go in and put on this incredible song and
play the song over and over and over again and
sing at the top of my lungs.

it's a song called 'rainbow woman' and it's
more like a prayer. i used it as a prayer anyway.

it's a prayer asking 'rainbow woman' to come
and show me the beauty inside me.

oh man.

first of all......
this was YEARS ago and i was doin' that......
some things never change.
i am getting the biggest kick out of that.

and yet they do!
because SO MUCH has changed since i last listened
to that song........

well, ever since the talk of 'butterfly woman'
the rainbow woman song has been tuggin' on me.

i looked one day for it on the computer.
saw it in a version i didn't like.
got distracted.

that kinda thing.

then one day i looked over right by my calculator
and there was the tape that i got the song from
in the first place.

right there by my calculator on my desk.

no kidding.

the original tape.
from at least ten years ago....

right there.

now, yeah, i musta put it there......but
i can't remember doin' that!!!!!!

(hmmmmmmmm.......eyebrow cocked.........)

i grabbed the tape, ran to my tech man, zakk.

asked him and yo if they remembered me singing
in the shower with it. yo said yeah, zakk said

until he heard the song.
he said the minute he heard it, he remembered.

zakk made a recording for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

josh walked in, heard three notes of the flute
i said 'name that tune!' and he did. right there.
he hadn't heard me talk about it at all. he just
knew. 'rainbow woman' he said without hesitating.

i couldn't believe it.

i am sooooo excited! gonna take a shower this
afternoon just to hear it. then another tonite!
got it on my puter too!

my copy is pretty bad right now....when i get a good
clear one, i'll share.....but for now i'll just tell
you about it....

some of the words:
shining being eternally wise, dancing across the
ancient skies.
rainbow woman please come.
bring your healing light to me.
rainbow woman please come.
restore the beauty in me.

it's a prayer.
a prayer that reaches right into my depths.

all those years ago i was praying....
i feel so ready for things to happen.

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Merry ME said...

You are so beautiful. I can feel your prayer and your growth and your love. Can't wait to hear the Rainbow Song.