Wednesday, March 18, 2009

how you do anything is how you do everything....

that's one of my favorite thoughts...
'how you do anything is how you do

i love that.

i just dropped josh an email with that
as the subject line....he has that on
the back of his business card.....

he doesn't know how amazing he is, so
i thought i'd tell him. again.

he came runnin' thru. wanted to grab some
plants from the yard before they ripped
them outta the ground (by the street

he came in so full of energy and zest.
he's gonna be elvis on friday at some
local fashion show.

josh as elvis with 400 women. he's soooooo

when he finished grabbin' the plants, he
ran off to the library....was gonna grab some
elvis vids so he can learn how to be elvis.

laughin' over here as i work.

he is the most enthusiastic person i've ever

he hasn't a clue how wonderful he is.
totally blind to it....
i try to tell him whenever i can......

he inspires me constantly.

i thought of how he does stuff....
he throws himself in whole heartedly and just
goes with it.....

he's got me thinking......

how do i do anything?

how do you do anything?

it's a great question, isn't it?'s how we do everything.........

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