Monday, March 16, 2009

and the sky turned pink....

to be fair.
i do realize that things happen because they're
happening, and not everything is aimed at me.
i really do.

when i walked today and a tree dropped a gumball
right at my feet, i took it as a gift from the tree.
i stopped. picked it up. looked at it. looked up
at the tree. thanked the tree. and kept goin'.
yeah. that was for me.

but the sky turning pink this morning.....i really
do know it does that in the mornings. it's not just
for me.

the timing, however, musta been for me this morning.

i was at my goodmorningworld spot and i was doin' my
now daily ritual of reminding myself that i love me.
that is so much harder than you'd think, and takes
a great deal more concentration than you'd think....
and as i stood there and worked on it, the sky turned
pink. all around me.


yes, i noticed.
and yes, i at what love
can do!

i smiled and turned for home......

1 comment:

Lisa said...

it was just for you x