Monday, March 30, 2009


tomorrow i take her to her chemo appointment.
it's gonna be an all day thing, between the
drive with traffic, the helpin' with her son,
the actual appointment which is at least
five's a whole day thing.....

and in a way, i'm really glad it is.

because i know it's gonna affect me big time.
and i want some time to sit with it and let
it soak in and not have to take care of
business right away.

i want to be stuck in traffic on the way home
and just think.

i'm bringing a laptop so i'll prolly be doin'
some work as i'm hangin' out.
but i'll be curious exactly what kind of work
comes out of me.

maybe bone sigh writing.

i walked and thought about it this morning.
i'm not going to get poison flushed thru my
body. i'm so darn lucky to just be the one

i cannot waste this gift i've got, ya know?

and so i turn to my day to live it.......

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