Thursday, March 5, 2009


so i walked up to the corner today and looked
at the tree that i have decided represents me.

i stopped, looked at it and said 'okay, let's
see how you're doin' today, ter.'

i kinda stepped to the side as the sun has been
steadily moving and was now in my face when i
looked. so i stepped around to get a better look.
and it struck me....

the tree (it's a small one, fairly newly planted)
is staked with a cord around it to grow straight
and tall.

oh. man.
funny how it wasn't til this morning that i reacted.

we gotta get that cord off of it. it's doin' fine.
it doesn't need that.

and i grinned. reacting to your own cords,ter?

the usual place i go with cords, and constricting,
and forcing and all that icky stuff is to stuff in
my history. the usual, family stuff or marriage stuff.
the usual.

but today, altho, i went there first, i did something
really good.

i said 'oh that's so past. that's over. what is it
that's constricting you NOW, girl?'

let's get the cords off and stand free.

ah. a shot of fear ran thru.

i like the 'support' the 'security' of feeling like
something's holding me up.

you don't need it ter....doesn't work anyway.

drop the cords and stand on your own.
it's up to you now......

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